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PAPERon.Net is a personal blog on opinions about internet in Korea.
It contains photos & essays made by the Editor @ PAPERon.Net.

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General Information

Calgary Canada, 2000

Name : Subi Song (송민섭)
Nick Name : 서비(Subi), 서비언니, Smile Subi, 편집장, Editor, ㅅㅁㅅ
Occupation : Blog & Contents Consultant, Blog Evangelist
Majors : English Language & English Literature, Braodcasting and Public Relations
E-mail : editor at paperon.net
Mobile Phone : 82_10_2003_0612

Business Blog Projects

MediaBrain Portfolio meta Blog

SK telecom Official Blog
SKT bizpoint
SKT roaming
THE HITE. Official Blog
NIKEGOLF Official Blog
LG TV Blog
Samsunglife Official Blog

ETC Projects

2007 SK telecom Official Site Manitenance (12 months)
2007 SK telecom Official Site Integration Renewal (6 months)
2006 Asiana Airlines Official Site Reservation System Renewal (7 months)
Asiana Airlines Official Site Maintenance (14 months)
Asiana Airlines English Site Maintenance (14 months)
Asiana Cargo Korean Site Maintenance (4 months)
Asiana Cargo English Site Maintenance (4 months)

SK Telink- 00700 Site Renewal & Maintenance (13 months)
SK Mobile Chinese Site Building (8 months)
SK Teletech Recruit Site Design Renewal (1 month)

문화관광부 Website Renewal (4 months)
2004 광주비엔날레 Website Building & Maintenance (13 months)
성남아트센터 Web Site Building (2 months)
고양문화재단 Site Maintenance (8 months)
제7차 세계 국가 인권기구대회(the 7th Internation Conference for National Human Rights Institutions)
Website Builiding & Maintenance (7 months)
국가인권위원회 Webzine "인권" Building (9 months)

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